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Dark Beard Oil 30ml


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Dark Beard Oil 30ml

Imagine the brooding scent of masculinity that cries “Don’t double cross me!” Imagine you could bottle masculinity…what would it smell like? How would it make you feel? This masculine fragrance is called DARK and specifically crafted for real men. It’s strong, dark and surprisingly refreshing…
Original Barbam beard oil is a must have for every type of beard, it ensures your beard gets the treatment it deserves. Original Barbam beard oil feeds the hair follicles and skin with essential oils, vitamins en minerals, which are essential for a healthy beard & to stimulate the beard growth.
Original Barbam beardoil gives the beard a soft touch, fresh scent and a healthy look.

Contains natural cinnamon essential oil, some people are allergic for it.

How to use our beard oil:
Spray slowly a small amount of into the palm of your hand.
Spread between both palms.
Apply to your beard and massage into your skin.
Comb your beard to spread the oil around evenly.
Use with our beard balm for the best results!

Photo by Luis Nune
Watch how to apply by: MoDutch


11 reviews for Dark Beard Oil 30ml

  1. Dr. Frank Dierkes

    Tach auch.
    Ich habe das Bartöl “Dark” auf der Tattoo Convention 2016 in Dortmund mitsamt einem Holzkamm erworben (in Deutschland ist es meines Wissens nach nicht zu bekommen).
    Vom Duft her: Ein geiles Zeug – nix für den Mainstream-Bubi mit Pubertärflaum am Kinn, sondern für echte Kerle.
    Deutliche und lang anhaltende Note nach Bergamotte und Zimt. Führte schon zu neugierigen und positiven Nachfragen im Kollegium von weiblicher und männlicher Seite. Und die drei “Bart-Brüder” sind echte Originale.

    Mit besten Grüßen


    I try this review in english (ik verstaa netherlands, maar ik kan niet praten/scriven).

    I bought this beard oil on the 2016 Tattoo Convention in Dortmund (in my knowledge it isn´t avaiable in Germany).
    It has a marvelous smell but is nothing for little boys with first hair on their chins – this is a scent for real men.
    The fragrance is rich in cinnamon and bergamot and will last several hours. Some of my colleagues (women and even men) asked me curious about my buying source.
    And the three “brothers-with-beards (BwB)” are really characters.

    With best regards.


  2. Koen

    The sense is really nice. Stays for a long time. Using it every day and it’s keeps my beard in shape and condition.

  3. Erwin Snippe

    A great Beardoil. A great dark smell what give me a real man feeling. “A awsome beard needs this oil”

    Erwin Snippe
    Cleaning Service Rijssen

  4. Ian the young (verified owner)

    Dark is my favourite! The smell is very manly and the ladies love it

  5. Enzo

    Gracias por enviar a España,Yo soy un fan. Gran producto!

  6. Kenn Enyo Corvers

    Gebruik nu een half jaar Dark. ruikt echt goed en je baard ziet er fris en gezond uit. Er zijn wel vrouwen die mango lekkerder vinden. dark ruikt naar kaneel dus is geur bepalend

  7. Jack

    Vind alle geuren van Original Barbam lekker. Maar dit is toch wel mijn favoriet!

  8. Klaver

    Lekkere geur , baard ziet dr fris en gezond uit !!!

  9. Nilan

    Gives the beard what it deserves ! Has got a nice masculine sent too … got to love this beardoil ! Thumbs up !

  10. Jaroentie

    This beard oil rocks. Use it with the dark beard-balm and you don’t ever go back to other beard products. Big thumbs up…

  11. auke

    alle baard olie van barbam is prima maar dark vindt ik persoonlijk het lekkerste ruiken.

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