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Stache Wax




Stache Wax 15gr (±0,5oz)

Stache Wax

Original Barbam stach wax has a medium to strong hold and citrus scent. The wax contains natural ingredients and its essential for every moustache to be in shape  and to stay they way it is.

Check our instagram and see what the Originals think of the Wax, and make sure you get it yourself.

How to use our wax:

Scrap a small amount of wax into the top of your thumb and forefinger.
Rub it to let it melt! (Option: use a hairdryer to melt and style it)
Apply to your stache and style it the way you like.
Keep being awesome!

2 reviews for Stache Wax

  1. Johan

    Top spul. Houd je snor in bedwang voor dat extra stukje styling!

  2. Storm

    De eerste keer dat ik stachewax gebruik en ben er zeer tevreden van. Ik heb mijn merk gevonden. Houdt mijn snor onder bedwang en ruikt nog lekker erbij. Ik heb mijn wax op Inkmania in Hasselt gekocht. Had er beter meer van meegedaan.

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