High quality beard care products

Original Barbam stands for authentic Dutch craftsmanship. Our beard care products are natural, organic and handmade in the Netherlands.

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- Team Barbam

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The 'Original' Giftsets

The same quality you're used to, but now combined in more convient packaging.

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Natural Ingredients

Our Original line is a blend of high quality natural oils and extracts. Therse are full of minerals and vitamins to promote balanced growth of the beard, stimulation of the hair follicles and keeping the skin under the beard healthy and soft.

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Handmade Products

Barbam is a small but exclusive handcrafted beard care brand. We started in 2014 and we are still the luxury, authentic and sustainable brand as when we started.

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Zero waste policy

All our products are handmade and packaged with care in small batches. We have a zero-waste policy and use packaging with minimum environmental impact. Your orders are delivered in reusable (or reused) packaging.

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